Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do You Know Australia will be invaded by USA?

Do You Know Australia will be invaded by USA?

I am inside Australia and I am worried about any such prospect. I suspect Mr. Obama may pull out troops from Iraq and then redeploy them in Australia! Now please don't get cranky with me, take it easy and let me explain why?!

It is in the news (unless you don't believe news) George Bush failed to make good by telephone to Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today or even this week. Some sources say, Kevin Rudd exposed George Bush as an idiot earlier (because George asked Kevin on that telephone conversation "what is G18" .... Kevin wisely explained G18 to George and by the same time the rest of the world found out about it and they reconfirmed the fact that George is a dum dum). You see, for a little oversight like the one above George refused to say good buy to Kevin despite the fact that Australia was and still is one of the partners of the coalition of the willing.

Last week former Prime Minister of Australia (the man stronger than still according to Shrub) were occupying the Blair House and forced Mr. Obama to take shelter at a back packer hostel nearby. I bat, Barak won't forgive John for his crime as little Johnny refused to share any room with that “black terrorist”!

Did I say terrorist? Oh, yes. Little Johnny Howard said earlier, "Victory of Obama is like victory of terrorists". But, hang on, hang on!!

Dear Kevin went to America prior to the election and he shook hand with John McCain and Hilary Clinton. He refused to shake hand with that `man' and simply spoke to him over the phone. I won't say what he said to him then. But, I can assure you our stupid Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and his advisers screwed him on that time.

The bottom line is, both former and current Prime Ministers of Australia did upset two American giants and we have to be very careful about it.

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