Friday, August 22, 2008

Superior Jews

The article below proves the following statement is correct!

"Nations will gather together to bring their homage to the people of God; the whole fortune of nations will pass into the hands of the Jewish people, they will march behind the Jewish people, in chains as captives, and will prostrate before it." - Isador Loeb, Le Probleme Juif.

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Further to Israeli Holocaust , Holocaust continuum, The Iron Wall and Middle East Formula for Peace; most Israelis and Jews are guilty of many crimes like murder, genocide etc. etc. if we follow this bench mark.

Ho do we have one law for all another law for them (Zionists/"Jews"/Israelis)?

Court blow for Nazi war crimes suspect
August 20, 2008 12:51pm, Article from: AAP
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A PERTH magistrate has found that alleged Nazi war criminal, 86-year-old Charles Zentai is eligible for extradition to Hungary.

Mr Zentai, a Perth resident, is alleged to have killed an 18-year-old Jewish man in Budapest on the 8th November 1944.

Magistrate Barbara Lane said Mr Zentai's case and circumstances meet the requirements of the Australian Extradition Act and the Extradition Treaty between Australia and the Republic of Hungary.

"I determine that Mr Zentai is eligible for surrender to the Republic of Hungary ... and therefore he is remanded in custody,'' Ms Lane said today in the Perth Magistrate's Court.

She said Mr Zentai's lawyers can apply to the Federal Court to have the order reviewed within 15 days.

Mr Zentai's lawyers will today make a special application for bail